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From the December 2017/January 2018  Magazine


Trimming The Tree

It’s time to fetch Christmas decorations from the attic. As I recall, they’re shabby, and this year I’m quite emphatic: We’ll have the most sophisticated tree I’ve ever seen So stylish it could feature in a glossy magazine!

Which decorations ought to be replaced with something new? I’ll keep the stars the children made, although they hang askew. Oh, look — the little stocking that was knitted by my gran; And here’s the pair of robins that we’ve had since time began!

This tinsel is unravelling this bauble has a crack  But they’re my special favourites (I’ll hang them round the back!) The angel’s slightly crooked and this rocking horse is bent: Our snowman’s lost his shimmer and the candle has a dent.

Garlands, lights and baubles shining, iridescent spheres Trinkets that we’ve cherished and collected through the years. They may not be perfect, but I love them all so much. Stylish? No but I think I prefer the homely touch!

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