Newsletter 14 March

I hope you are all well and a very happy Mothering Sunday to you all.

Motherhood and more…(From Jonathan)

From my earliest memories the family holiday was a landmark in the year. When I talk with Knutton families following a bereavement I frequently hear the memories of holidays. They are often about the times when several generations would head off to the coast or the country in either north or south Wales.

My family is smaller but these conversations remind me that my grandparents would always be invited to come along as well. They were precious times. The first one I have photos of would have been to the Forest of Dean close to Ross on Wye and the Welsh borders. I was probably 18 months old. Years passed, my Dad died in 1981.  In 2002 Mum reached her 80th birthday. We celebrated with a Rhine river cruise. She had always dreamt of taking this journey.

Back to the Bible – Passover was a national festival for family and faith and being together.

“Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother. When Jesus saw his mother and John standing nearby, he said to her “Woman, here is your son” and to John “here is your mother”.  From that time on, this disciple took her into his home”. Not possible at present!

This was a time of tragedy but also of prayer

We may look back to “better times” but the real challenge is to look forward in hope, praying for physical and spiritual healing across this nation and all nations.

St Mary’s News


The PCC and Standing Committee have been discussing re-opening.  As the national rules gradually start to be relaxed we feel that it is timely to start opening up for services again, albeit in a cautious and safe way. 

We will be open again on Palm Sunday.  The services over Easter and going forward will be:

Palm Sunday, 28th March, 10am – Service of the Word

Good Friday, 2nd April, 2pm, – An hour at the cross

Easter Sunday, 4th April, 10am – Holy Communion  

Subsequent Sundays meeting at 10am for worship, details to be confirmed later.

Please note that we will have to continue to wear masks, socially distance, sanitise our hands on arrival and exit from the building and be mindful of groups gathering.  Unfortunately, we are still not allowed to sing and processions aren’t allowed.  So whilst we can meet to celebrate Easter this year some of the usual activities won’t be able to happen.  But when you think back to twelve months ago we can at least celebrate Easter together.


Diocesan Sermon

This week the sermon is from Paul Thomas.  It is attached as a PDF but if you prefer alternative formats you can download here or follow the link –  


There continues to be lots of work to be done in the gardens and we’d love your help.  If you can help please ensure you are following current government guidelines, social bubbles or 2 individuals from separate households.

Please let me know if you are willing to give up even an hour of your time so we can coordinate timings. 

With thanks, Marjorie

Zoom Chat

Watch out for an email with a further invite.


One option for your offering is to write a cheque which can be banked.  If it could be made out to St Mary’s Knutton PCC and then sent to The Treasurer, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Knutton, ST5 6DU.  This will then be forwarded to Rev Sue, unopened so that confidentiality is maintained. 

Other Resources

Lichfield Cathedral are broadcasting virtual services.  The details are here along with lots of useful links.

Other Churches are streaming worship can be found on the A church Near You website –  

Church of England has services on line to watch and devotionals to download.  These are available at from the home page – Welcome to the Church of England’s official website | The Church of England

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