Newsletter 7 March

I hope you are all well and enjoying the evenings stretching out a little.  We have lots of Daffodils out and it feels like spring is definitely on its way.

Rules (some thoughts from me!)

This Sunday is the third Sunday in Lent, where some of us will be approaching the halfway point in our 40-day journey of giving up something or taking up something.  We’re doing very well on giving up chocolate and not quite so we’ll on trying to do a bit more exercise!! 

The readings for this Sunday cover a lot of ground.  They show us a God who cares enough about us to set boundaries and show us standards to live by where we can be loving to those around us and in turn show our love for God.   In normal times there are rules that govern us. We have the legal system and things like the highway code to keep us safe to school rules! As the world progresses and changes so do these. Over the last twelve months we’ve lived with an ever changing set of rules to abide by. There is though, a stability in the 10 Commandments, God’s rules for us to live by.  They haven’t changed since they were set, and they never will. 

We also have a beautiful Psalm which is full of praise, praising the God of all creation, who loves us enough to show us the way through the commandments and who forgives us when we inevitably make mistakes. Then, in the Gospel, we encounter Jesus refusing to allow the disrespectful and sinful activity to continue in the temple.  All the additions to the law from the Pharisees were stifling the true spirit of the law. They forgot the underpinning love.

Whilst we have rules to follow and live by we also need to let love shine through, let the love of the forgiving God of all creation shine through for all to see.  As we start to gradually see some normality coming back and the churches cautiously opening again, we must strike that tricky balance of following the rules set to keep us safe and letting the love of God shine through us and St Mary’s.

To finish you may like to use this prayer of thanksgiving – which says it so much better than I can!

Prayer of thanksgiving – which says it so much better than I can!

Loving God,
We take time out of our busy lives
to come before You this day
and to offer You praise and thanks.

We thank You for this day
and all the days of our lives.
We thank You for the world in which we live
and do not always fully appreciate or care for properly.

Lord, You love us so much.
You do not leave us to wander this world
aimlessly and without boundaries.


We thank You that You love us so much
that You gave Your people commandments
in the name of love, harmony and respect,
commandments that have stood the test of time
and remain as valuable today as they did when given at Sinai.

Lord, You love us so much
that You sent Your son, Jesus
to teach us how to live and to love.
Not only that, You demonstrated that love
through the death and resurrection of Your only son.

Thank You, Lord.



St Mary’s News

Diocesan Sermon

This week the sermon is from Dr Lindsay Hall, Director of DVE.  It is attached as a PDF but if you prefer alternative formats you can download here or –  


There is lots of work to be done in the gardens and we’d love your help.  If you can help please ensure you are following current government guidelines, social bubbles or 2 individuals from separate households.

Please let me know if you are willing to give up even an hour of your time so we can coordinate timings. 

With thanks, Marjorie

Zoom Chat

Watch out for an email with a further invite.


One option for your offering is to write a cheque which can be banked.  If it could be made out to St Mary’s Knutton PCC and then sent to The Treasurer, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Knutton, ST5 6DU.  This will then be forwarded to Rev Sue, unopened so that confidentiality is maintained. 

Other Resources

Lichfield Cathedral are broadcasting virtual services.  The details are here along with lots of useful links.

Other Churches are streaming worship can be found on the A church Near You website –  

Church of England has services on line to watch and devotionals to download.  These are available at from the home page – Welcome to the Church of England’s official website | The Church of England

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