Newsletter 28 February


I hope you are well and that we have been encouraged by Boris’s plan for easing us out of lockdown. Hopefully we can begin to see some glimmers of hope that we can start adjusting to a more normal lifestyle again.  Somehow it all feels more promising in the sunshine as well.  

The Way of the Cross
(some thoughts from Jonathan)

Reading Archdeacon Julian’s “Take up your cross” sermon has taken me back to “The Way of the Cross”. It can be both a physical and a spiritual road.

Some of us may have had the privilege to visit the “Holy Land”, Israel, and seeing the famous sites that by one route or another take us towards Calvary and the site of the crucifixion. My first and only visit was in the early 1990s with assorted male clergy, lay pilgrims and 3 nuns!  Flying out in a chilly January it was glorious to land at Tel Aviv in mild sunny weather. We would travel along the sea coast Netanya, on to Nazareth and Galilee, through the wilderness, and back to Bethlehem. Then up to the iconic view from the Mount of Olives above the city of Jerusalem, the golden dome of the rock and the ruins of the temple.

Entering the city, the route would narrow as we walked the way of the cross, known to many as the “Via Dolorosa”. The crowded streets and the multiple market stalls and shops were full of locally crafted gifts and goods. Despite the bustle and colour this was the only place and time during my visit that I would feel chilled and somehow apprehensive. Calvary, the cross and the garden tomb were still to come, yet to me each of these seemed less threatening.

Jesus alone was the only one who truly knew what lay ahead.

As we “walk the way of the cross” during these Lent weeks let us pray for each other and ourselves that we may overcome our fears and remain faithful to Jesus, the one who calls us.

St Mary’s News

Diocesan Sermon

This week the sermon is from Archdeacon Julian as Jonathan mentions).  It is attached as a PDF but if you prefer alternative formats you can download from this link or here here –  


There is lots of work to be done in the gardens and we’d love your help.  If you can help please ensure you are following current government guidelines, social bubbles or 2 individuals from separate households.

Please let me know if you are willing to give up even an hour of your time so we can coordinate timings. 

With thanks, Marjorie

Zoom Chat

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One option for your offering is to write a cheque which can be banked.  If it could be made out to St Mary’s Knutton PCC and then sent to The Treasurer, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Knutton, ST5 6DU.  This will then be forwarded to Rev Sue, unopened so that confidentiality is maintained. 

Lent Services

Under normal circumstances we would have been meeting for Lent services.  Last year we didn’t get very far through Lent before we went into lockdown.  This year we, sadly, won’t meet for Lent services.  As we didn’t really get much chance to use them I’ve attached the order of service for last year which you may, or may not wish to use for your own private reflections. For last years Lent services click here

Other Resources

Lichfield Cathedral are broadcasting virtual services.  The details are here along with lots of useful links.

Other Churches are streaming worship can be found on the A church Near You website –  

Church of England has services on line to watch and devotionals to download.  These are available at from the home page – Welcome to the Church of England’s official website | The Church of England


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