Newsletter 21 February

Hello All

I hope you are well and have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine we’ve seen this week. 

Rainbows (some thoughts from me this week!)

The set Old Testament reading this week is from Genesis and tells us of Noah and the rainbow.  In the last year the rainbow has become a symbol of hope and we still see it in windows, we still have one in our front window that Niamh painted. 

The choice of the rainbow is probably unwittingly far more appropriate than many people realise.  The first person to use the rainbow as the symbol of hope was God himself.  God is promising that he will not create another flood to destroy the evil in the world and he put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of this promise.  The rainbow reminds us that God is faithful and keeps his promises, to date God has not flooded the world!

Rainbows appear after the rain and the dark storm clouds pass and the sun starts to shine, they are beautiful and will stop most in their tracks to look at them.  We were all looking out the office at one just before Christmas, we all stopped what we were doing to look at the beauty of it.

Near enough a year on from the rainbow being adopted as a symbol of hope it still remains completely appropriate.  For us as Christians our hope is in God, not just for the end of the pandemic but for our lives and the world.  We can rely on God, he is faithful to us, we can safely put our hope in him.  At the beginning of Lent is it easy to get pulled into the potential “doom and gloom” of the season, I think this year, more than ever, we need to cling to the hope we have in God as that is what will see us though.  Maybe this week we can reflect on Noah and the rainbow and everything that promise means to us as individuals and a church.

St Mary’s News

Diocesan Sermon

This week the sermon is from Sue Weller (also reflecting on hope and rainbows far more eloquently!).  It is attached as a PDF but if you prefer alternative formats you can Downloaded here or  –  


St Mary’s Church gardens are coming to life and spring bulbs are pushing through (see photos!).  There is however a huge amount that could be done to maintain our grounds.

The days are lengthening, and the weather is improving, and I would really appreciate some help with the grounds.  In lockdown we need to have our fresh air and exercise – where better than the church grounds. 

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can be back in church, and we want to have the grounds looking lovely.

If you can help please ensure you are following current government guidelines, social bubbles or 2 individuals from separate households.

Please let me know if you are willing to give up even an hour of your time so we can coordinate timings. 

Something good to do in Lent?

Here are some photographs from the garden

With thanks in anticipation, Marjorie

Zoom Chat

Watch out for an email with a further invite.


Upcoming funeral listed below.  Please remember this family, and all those suffering from bereavement at this time, in your prayers. 

Thursday 18th February – William Hough

Numbers remain restricted so if you were thinking of attending any of these please check with Jonathan for advice.

Pantomime – Why 2K

This is a blast from the past.  Some of you will remember doing a pantomime 20 odd years ago.  This was written by Marney Dainty and we roped in everyone we could!  It has been digitised so if you were involved and would like the link drop me an email and I will forward it to you.

Other Resources

Lichfield Cathedral are broadcasting virtual services.  The details are here along with lots of useful links.

Other Churches are streaming worship can be found on the A church Near You website –  

Church of England has services on line to watch and devotionals to download.  These are available at from the home page – Welcome to the Church of England’s official website | The Church of England



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