Maundy Thursday


Thursday 9th April

In Cathedrals this is traditionally a time for Bishops and clergy to gather together and re-affirm the vows they made at their ordinations and to receive fresh oils to be used at services of baptism, confirmation and anointing for healing. In some churches a simple meal may take place and can include a symbolic foot or hand washing. This can be a reminder of how as Christians we are called to serve and care for one another. We don’t have to be in a church for this. It can just as well take place at home, round the dining table as we share a family meal together. John 13.1-17 is a good Bible reading to help us remember this. After this “last supper” meal Jesus led his disciples out into the night, across the Kidron valley to a garden, Gethsemane – a time and place to think and pray.

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