Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday 2020

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Mothering Sunday (Mothers’ Day)

Sunday 22 March 2020

(Day of Prayer and Loving Action)

John 19.25-27                                             

From Aaron to Zipporah, plus a few more, there are nearly 1800 people mentioned by name in the Bible and nearly all will have had a mother. You might want to think about that!  We know a lot about some but very little about others.

Mothering Sunday is a really special day. Many will know about its origins. It was the day when young people who worked “in service” for the owners of the large farms and manors were allowed to take a day off and return home to see their mums (and other family members). Traditionally they would give bunches of flowers, perhaps picked from the hedgerows, as gifts to their mothers. It was also a chance to visit the “mother” church of the village, town or area. It was a day to celebrate.                                                                                                  

As an adult I enjoyed Mothering Sunday for many years. I would check out the local hotels and restaurants for location and menu and choose one that I thought my mum would most enjoy usually I would also select some flowers that I hoped she would appreciate. It was a great time to talk, reminisce and simply appreciate each other’s company. This year things will be very different.

Maybe millions of people around the country will have been looking forward to good family time this Mothering Sunday. Life has changed very suddenly with the outbreak of the Corona Virus and its rapid spread across the world and into our own nation. The Bible readings set for today don’t make for easy reading especially the one from John’s gospel. Jesus’ mother, Mary, is standing at the foot of the cross and watching her precious son going through the agony of crucifixion. Yet in the middle of it all she is not alone. She is one of three Marys standing there. Jesus summons up the little strength he has to speak to her and also to John, one of his closest friends and followers. To put it simply Jesus says “Mum here is your son” and to John “here is your mother”. From then on John took Mary into his home and family.                                                              

This Mothering Sunday the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are calling the church to “A National Day of Prayer and Action” to pray for and support others, especially those who may be the most anxious or are the most vulnerable. Let’s seek to support this initiative in the best ways we can.


Revd Jonathan Watkins, Vicar, St Mary’s Knutton

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