Peace Garden

The Gardens at St Mary’s.


Heart of England in Bloom training day At St. Mary’s, Details Here.

Our Peace Garden has been winning awards. Click here for details.

In recent years we have done a lot of work on the gardens at St. Mary’s.  A major part of the work  has been the development of a Peace Garden. A quiet place where people can go and get away from the the rush of modern life and ‘chill out’.

Here are some photographs of the gardens.

photograph of the peace garden in winter

A view of the peace garden under snow

Bird box in the Peace Garden

On e of the Bird boxes in the Peace garden


Photograph of the peace garden in full bloom

The Peace garden in Full Bloom, summer 2016


seat dedicated to Nel Boulton

seat gifted in memory of Nel Boulton a long standing member of the congregation

photograph of the rear of the peace garden

Continuing clearing at the back of the Peace Garden

photograph of the recently cleared area at the rear of church

A previously overgrown bed is now thriving








photograph of one of the garden gang

and finally all this would not be possible without the dedication of a small band of gardeners.

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