Welcome to Knutton

St Mary’s is a growing, welcoming church serving the community of Knutton in God’s love. Our aim is to provide reverent and inspiring worship, to be all inclusive and provide a sacred space that is truly open to all.
We strive to be a church that demonstrates true compassion within the love of God, showing by example and thereby motivating the whole congregation within the wider community. Find out more about us.

Thoughts and Musings

PRAYER For Pentecost Sunday

The Spirit came and your Church was born, in wind and fire and words of power. The Spirit came blowing fear aside, and in its place weak hearts were stronger. The Spirit came as your word foretold, with dreams and signs, visions and wonders. The Spirit came and is here today, to feed the hearts of a world that hungers. Spirit of life Fill our emptiness with your fullness Spirit of power Stir our hearts afresh Spirit of love Touch us, and through us, our neighbour Spirit of Creativity Enable and empower the gifts you have given Spirit of Eternity Draw us ever deeper into your Kingdom


Who we are

We are a fairly traditional Village Church but always open to new ways of reaching out through worship to our local communities and congregation. St Mary's mission is to make Jesus real in today’s life and part of this is to welcome our friends from the Indian Orthodox Church to worship with us. Our church, part of the Church of England, has a dedicated volunteer leadership team headed by the vicar. As well as giving support and guidance, St Mary's provides a sanctuary at the heart of Knutton.

"We want to discern what God is doing in His world and join in…serving our neighbours, community and wider world."

Where are we

St Mary's is easily accessible with nearby carparks. The Church is in the centre of the Village of Knutton. Parking is available either on street or on the Community Centre Car Park across from the Church itself.

St Mary's C of E Church
Church Lane, Knutton ST5 6DU

T: 01782618367

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St. Mary’s Knutton is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Mrs Yvonne Wilshaw and can be contacted on 01782 616503

Services and Events

There are no upcoming events.

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